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Copeland achieves work control throughout Job Management System (JMS)

Copelands' Job Management System (JMS) is a centralized on-line management system, data repository, and communication network. Through it Copelands generates estimates, issues quotes, places orders, tracks material, and guides manufacturing operations.

Sales coordinators define job criteria, identify discrete operations to be performed, establish shop floor routings, enter purchase orders relative to the specific job, and analyze plant performance after a job is completed. The system retains Drawing Numbers, Revision Information, Material Type, Part Size, Raw Material Size, and Material Test Reports for management and quality purposes.

JMS directs each discrete operation in the order it is to flow through the plant. The operation is displayed at a work-area terminal, and must be performed by an employee and recorded in the database to permit the next discrete operation to be scheduled. Discrete operations may additionally include testing, quality checks, or other unique functions specified by customer.

Material received is checked against the PO and Job Number and recorded into the management system. Manufacturing operations can't begin until the required material is in the plant - only then will JMS schedule the order for production.

Supervisors are always available to production employees to verify part information, clarify drawing information, assist with first-part-inspection and generally aid in achieving job requirements. Machine operators make setup, run one part, and are required to perform first-part-inspection at a minimum.

If a customer requires Material Test Reports (MTRs), they are tied to PO Number, Job number and Vendor's shipping bill number.

JMS allows us to provide and monitor any level of customer quality control requirement.

Copelands’ centralized on-line management system, JMS, ensures
Copelands’ centralized on-line management system, JMS, ensures
Copelands’ centralized on-line management system, JMS, ensures
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